Twitch chat going ham

Highlight polls

!highlight link
This triggers a poll to determine if the streamer should make a highlight of something. In order to notify the streamer, certain amount of people need to type !HL or !hl in chat in a 2 minutes window. If the poll goes through, chat will get a link to the highlight and the streamer will be notified as well.

By default, 60% of active viewers need to agree. VirusBot considers viewers as active if they've talked in the past 5 minutes.

Highlights are also available from the streamer's profile.
!HL or !hl link
Vote for a !highlight.
!HLcancel or !hlcancel link Mods
Cancel a !highlight.


!rank link
Figures out your league division and elo on SMITE. Note: for now, if you want to use this, you must have Nightbot enabled on your channel and add the command to it in chat like this:
!addcom !rank $(customapi
Allied's stats on SMITE: Masters I (2,816 elo).


!giveaway [keyword(optional)] link
Once this command is triggered, chat has 5 minutes to enter the giveaway. If you don't pick a keyword or phrase, chat can enter using !enter.
!enter link
Enter a !giveaway that has no keyword or phrase.
!giveawaycancel link Mods
Cancel a !giveaway.
!giveawayend link Mods
Ends a !giveaway. This one will manually end the giveaway and pick a winner.


This bot is meant to be used in tandem with NightBot, in fact, some of these commands have been hidden behind it. Stuff like purging links are not VirusBot's duty.

!commands or !help link
Spits out a link to this page.
Have a look at what I can do!
!test link
Says something so you can check it's working.
Beep boop. MrDestructoid
!engpls [username] link
Tells somebody to speak English.
bibimbap9, you must speak English in this chat.
If VirusBot happens to be a mod, it will purge the target's chat.
!love [whateverYourDesire] link 30s cooldown
Shows how much love there's between you and something/someone.
There's 100% <3 between Brick23 and Wtfmonkey5
Unless you !love VirusBot..
Robots can't love. MrDestructoid
The only way to get a different % is to change capitalization.
!localtime link
Shows what time is it where the streamer lives.
It is 5:45am where the streamer lives.
!six [username] link Mods
Speaks the truth while purging the user's chat.
bahsDrake Sorry Notaraypist, in this church, The Church of Allied, we respect God, The 6 God. bahsDrake
Greet new subs link Event
Welcomes new subs and resubs.
smpW Thanks for subbing, you fuck. smpW
!seppuku link
Purge your chat. RIP you.
!subcount link
Pretty self explanatory; returns the total amount of subs.
!uptime link
Shows how much the stream has been up for.
The stream has been up for 2 hours and 5 minutes.


!counter [name] link
Will display the count for that counter.
death counter: 21.
Unless it doesn't exist..
Sorry johnRivs, couldn't find that counter. You can create it though: !counter death create
And if you didn't provide a name:
johnRivs, which one? Example: !counter death +
!counter [name] + link
Adds 1 to the counter.
death counter: 22.
!counter [name] - link
Subtracts 1 from the counter.
death counter: 21.
!counter [name] reset link Mods
Sets the counter to 0.
Counter "death" was reset.
!counter [name] create link Mods
Creates the counter if it doesn't exist already.
Counter "death" was created.
!counter [name] delete link Mods
Gets rid of the counter.
Counter "death" was deleted.
!counter [name] [count] link Mods
Manually set the count.
Counter "death" was set to 50.


!song link
Tells you the name, author and link of the current song.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Apache Rose Peacock (Album Version)


Disabled. RIP PlugDJ 2012 - 2015

Tells you the name, author, link of the current song and the DJ that suggested it.
Apache Rose Peacock by Red Hot Chilli Peppers (DJ: johnRivs)
Basically, the same info as !song
Last song was Trouble by Coldplay (DJ: johnRivs)
!skipsong SubsMods
Skips the current song. The skip is performed by the account designated to stay in the plugDj room, so it needs to be a Bouncer at least.
Song advance Event
When the song changes, VirusBot will say something like:
Song changed to Gimme The Loot by The Notorious B.I.G. (DJ: johnRivs)
!bump [plugdjUsername]15m cooldown
If the user has enough points (by default, 420), he/she can request to be placed first in the waitlist. You earn points by being in chat (by default, 14 per minute).
Auto skipEvent
The song gets auto skipped if it has too many Mehs or after 6 minutes of music.
Reveal who deleted a bot messageEvent
If a mod uses !skipsong and then deletes the bot message in the plugDj room chat, the bot will reveal who deleted it and re-type the message in chat.
Song was skipped by Event
Happens when a song is skipped before it finishes.
Song skipped to With or without you by U2 (DJ: johnRivs)


!waifu link SubsMods10s cooldown
Find yourself a !waifu, !idol, !imouto, !kancolle, !touhou, !vocaloid or !husbando.
Zwonix: Your waifu is Shizuru Fujino (Mai Hime or Otome).
hannat2ht: Your husbando is Inaho Kaizuka (Aldnoah.Zero).

Team Molly

These are hidden behind Nightbot and eventually they'll be migrated over to VirusBot.

!teammolly link
Spits out a link that shows members of Team Molly.
!molly [username(optional)] link 30s cooldown
Pop a Molly or make someone else pop one.
Rambro9876 popped a Molly, now he sweatin'. 42069 Molly's have been popped.
Example (if you're addicted)
༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ Chelleastro popped a Molly, now he sweatin'. 42069 Molly's have been popped. ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ
!mollys link
Check how many Molly's you've popped.
༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ Bahsniac, you've popped 420 so far. ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ
!invite [username] link Mods
Invite someone to Team Molly.
leafretv, you have been invited to #TeamMolly. Type !join or !decline.
!decline link
Decline an invitation to Team Molly. You cray cray tho?
Outconrightnipple doesn't want to become a member of #TeamMolly. ༼ つ◕╭╮◕ ༽つ
!join link
Join Team Molly if you've been invited.
Rastagamercinque is now a member of #TeamMolly. ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ Stay Based ༼ つ◕_◕ ༽つ
!leave link
Leave Team Molly :(.
Acipere is no longer a member of #TeamMolly. ༼ つ◕╭╮◕ ༽つ
Let the virus flow
Twitch chat going ham